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Freddie King in a Great performance in 1973!

i love his passion! perfect music!

but mostly i adore his performance (and the pianist’s 🙂  ) !

this  is a song mostly known from Eric Clapton , but i just love the original version of Freddie King!

generally i dislike kings, but i have a special place in my heart just for Elvis and Freddie!


‘Ύστερ’ ἀπ’ τὸν κατακλυσμὸ πού φέρνουν τά στοιχεῖα,
ν’ ἀνοίγης τὸ παράθυρο πρωϊνὸς
κάτου ἀπό τὸ χαμόγελο πού εἶν’ ὅλος ὁ οὐρανὸς
νά κ’ ἡ εὐτυχία !

Κωστής Παλαμάς (αγαπημένος)
«Ο κύκλος των τετράστιχων» (1929)

το ξέρω
τώρα τελευταία έχω κάτι με το πρωί,
ίσως γιατί ο ήλιος είναι τόσο όμορφος
τα πρωινά όταν ξυπνώ.
είναι όμορφο το καλοκαίρι

άκουγα μια από τις μέρες, ραδιόφωνο
καθόμουν πλάι στο παράθυρο στον προαστιακό,
η μελωδία θύμιζε τόσο τη θάλασσα,
η κίνηση του τραίνου θύμιζε βάρκα,
ήταν πρωί,

για  μια στιγμή σαν να  ένιωσα τα πόδια μου ν’ αγγίζουν το νερό,
να η ευτυχία!


great photo by FRANCK PETOUD from Iraklion Crete.

Oren Laive, Her morning elegance

Κάθε πρωί

Κάθε πρωὶ
Καταργοῦμε τὰ ὄνειρα
Χτίζουμε μὲ περίσκεψη τὰ λόγια
Τὰ ροῦχα μας εἶναι μιὰ φωλιὰ ἀπὸ σίδερο
Κάθε πρωὶ
Χαιρετᾶμε τοὺς χθεσινοὺς φίλους
Οἱ νύχτες μεγαλώνουν σὰν ἁρμόνικες
-Ἦχοι, καημοί, πεθαμένα φιλιά.
(Ἀσήμαντες ἀπαριθμήσεις
-Τίποτα, λέξεις μόνο γιὰ τοὺς ἄλλους.
Μὰ ποῦ τελειώνει ἡ μοναξιά;)

(in rough translation)

Every morning
We abolish the dreams
We build the spoken words with circumspection
Our clothes are one iron nest
Every morning we salute our yesterday friends
The nights grow bigger like harmonicas
-Sounds, sorrows, dead kisses
(insignificant enumerations
-nothing, just words for the others
but where does the loneliness end?)

Μανόλης Αναγνωστάκης (Θεσσαλονίκη 1925 – Ἀθήνα 2005)

Manolis Anagnostakis ( Thessaloniki 10 March 1925 –  Athens 23 June 2005)

In the heart of Israel’s Negev Desert lies the Bedouin village of El-Sayed, which is not recognized by the government and thus lacks basic infrastructure, including electricity. Its unique political status, however, is not the only thing that sets apart El-Sayed. The village also has the world’s largest percentage of deaf people. Deaf and hearing people live side by side in harmony in El-Sayed, and deafness is hardly considered a disability. Rather, the deaf people of El-Sayed have fully embraced their “handicap,” developing a unique sign language. One can see the delight and mischief in every man and child’s eyes as they tell inside jokes using the sign language. They even declare that deafness is a much better condition than being able to hear. When Salim, one of the men from the village, opts for a different kind of future for his deaf son Muhammad, and prepares him for a cochlear implant operation, villagers are skeptical of its benefits and wary of potentially invasive effects on the child’s life. Salim faces doubt and frustration even as the surgery is successful, since the path to rehabilitation turns out to be much more difficult and trying for his family than he expected. Skillfully weaving the stories of Salim and Muhammad with glimpses of other residents of El-Sayed through intimate interviews and a first-person narrative by a young filmmaker from the village, VOICES FROM EL-SAYED portrays a tranquil village at a rare intersection of modern and traditional cultures.

plagal is back in Canada..


from XKCD

See you soon brother! : )

this song is one of my favourites csárdás,

I once said to the man who was dancing with me that  never could I forget the rythm of this song,

it’s true,

it comes to my mind out of the blue, and I remember the steps…  : )

I’m really happy I had the chance to learn how to dance this beautifull Magyar tánc (hungarian dance) with this extraordinary person.
haven’t danced this for a while,
I guess  I need the right partner.

and the name of the dance:  Csárdás!


here is the csárdás from the Szék village.

Mrs. Dimitra, a gypsy fortune teller, gives the gypsy version of  «Cinderella»
( it is in Greek)

Το παραμύθι της σταχτομπούτας αλλά τσιγγάνικα! : )  από τη κυρία Δήμητρα

από το ντοκιμαντέρ «Καταγράφω την πραγματικότητά μου: Τσιγγάνοι Νέας Αλικαρνασσού»

πολύ καλό plagal !

Flaming June of  Frederic Leighton

Οι πίνακες του, εικόνες πάντα εμπνευσμένες από τη κλασσική αρχαιότητα, γλυκύτατα, ειδυλλιακά και ποιητικά θέματα.