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Do you have things that you postpone again and again, even for years, till you end up with a huge to-try list? After surviving meningitis this year I catch myself daring more things and trying things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time, energy or money to. Of course, withing my healing process limits.

One of those things I wanted to try is making my own apricot stone liqueur. I’ve always loved baking, making jam and preserving fruit. It is in my culture, I guess, and in our family too. My mom would make and still makes all kinds of jams, marmalades, spoon sweets (glyko tou koutaliou). Filling pots with apricot jam, sweet vyssino (sour cherry), sweet neratzi (bitter orange) and anything you can imagine. Every year when she comes to visit us here in the Netherlands, small or big colourful jars pop up from her suitcase to bring us all the wonderful flavours from Greece. Of course, nostalgia hit my soft spot and I remember all the moments, stories, smells and tastes.


Every summer I remember my grandmother having somewhere in the garden (in front of the big bedroom window to be precise) a glass container with apricot pits that seemed to disappear somewhere around August. I remember my father saying how his grandmother would smash those little pits and make liqueur out of it and how amazing the smell of the little kernels inside was. I believe it is still one of his favourite smells. We had broken some pits together and I remember the unbelievable smell and the really bitter taste of those smooth little white kernels.


I never tried this liqueur since I was only a child and I never really experiences this ritual of breaking the pits to reveal all those little noyax- as this is their name. But, every time I eat a fresh apricot I always find it such a pity to through away this little «box» with the hidden treasure inside.

So this year I decided to give it a try and make my own noyax liqueur. In honour of my grandmother and great grandmother (and theia Mina of course).

But first I need to collect enough, around 60 which shouldn’t be too difficult as we love them..


What does your to-try list look like? Mine has many more things on it, but I guess one has to start somewhere.

Wish me luck!



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