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Δε φτάνουν τα λόγια να περιγράψουν τη Μελίνα!

photo by Slim Aarons

Melina Mercouri (1925-1994)

She set new standards for volatility in the cinema,
in comedy or tragedy she went all out:
the most robust and carefree of playgirls,
the greediest of thieves,
the most passionate of adulterers,
the most tortured and intense of artists.

Η Μελίνα μας,
η τελευταία ελληνίδα θεα!!


In the heart of Israel’s Negev Desert lies the Bedouin village of El-Sayed, which is not recognized by the government and thus lacks basic infrastructure, including electricity. Its unique political status, however, is not the only thing that sets apart El-Sayed. The village also has the world’s largest percentage of deaf people. Deaf and hearing people live side by side in harmony in El-Sayed, and deafness is hardly considered a disability. Rather, the deaf people of El-Sayed have fully embraced their “handicap,” developing a unique sign language. One can see the delight and mischief in every man and child’s eyes as they tell inside jokes using the sign language. They even declare that deafness is a much better condition than being able to hear. When Salim, one of the men from the village, opts for a different kind of future for his deaf son Muhammad, and prepares him for a cochlear implant operation, villagers are skeptical of its benefits and wary of potentially invasive effects on the child’s life. Salim faces doubt and frustration even as the surgery is successful, since the path to rehabilitation turns out to be much more difficult and trying for his family than he expected. Skillfully weaving the stories of Salim and Muhammad with glimpses of other residents of El-Sayed through intimate interviews and a first-person narrative by a young filmmaker from the village, VOICES FROM EL-SAYED portrays a tranquil village at a rare intersection of modern and traditional cultures.

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